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About Yes! Winnipeg's Talent Team

There is a global fight for talent and North America’s largest cities are on the front lines. Winnipeg is no exception.

As a nimble and private sector driven organization, Economic Development Winnipeg and its business development team, YES! Winnipeg, have made workforce development and talent attraction and retention a central part of what we do. YES! Winnipeg’s Talent Team works alongside partners to ensure local companies have access to deep talent pools and know where to look to find and retain the right people.

Our goal is to save local businesses time and money while enhancing the attractiveness of our city as an investment destination. To achieve this, the dedicated Talent Team within YES! Winnipeg meets with companies to understand their needs, and works with province-wide partners to help attract, develop and retain top talent in Winnipeg.

Areas of Focus

  • Analyze gaps: Undertake a comprehensive skills gap analysis of business talent now and in the short-term and medium-term future.
  • Inventory resources: Offer an inventory of what our partners in this jurisdiction are doing to attract, retain and develop talent for business and how they are focusing their activity in the space.
  • Identify channels: Provide a menu of local, national and international channels available to local businesses for finding talent.
  • Align education and industry: Work with government, education institutions and partners to align academia and industry, with a focus on co-op student programs and international student recruitment.
  • Create a talent toolkit for business: Give access to a toolkit of resources and assets to help Winnipeg companies attract skilled workers globally.
  • Conduct local, national and international talent recruitment missions: Plan talent recruitment missions focused on key markets where we understand specific talent pools are available and where non-local candidates will find life in Winnipeg an attractive option

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