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Are you having difficulties finding skilled talent in your industry or the right candidates to meet your business needs? Expand your horizons and search among candidates from around the world!

Attract new talent

Through our Winnipeg Calling campaigns and the Work in Manitoba job portal, our talent team connects Manitoba employers with skilled and experienced workers from Europe, Latin America and the United States who wish to pursue a career in our city.

  • We know where to look for the deepest talent pools and the best candidates. 
  • We don’t charge employers a fee to participate in recruitment missions. 
  • The Work in Manitoba job portal offers employers unlimited access to a strong international pool of candidates that only match their jobs' needs.  
  • We provide free webinars to answer your questions on immigration, cultural sensitivities and adaptation, as well as networking and promotional events.

Post your job offers and recruit online in 3 steps

  • Post your job offers and get access to world-class talent
    Create your company's profile in the Work in Manitoba job portal, start posing your jobs for the international community on the website and set your selection criteria.
  • Select your candidates
    Our sophisticated job matching system will identify the best matched candidates for your criteria, making the selection process easy and efficient. 
  • Schedule your interviews
    Schedule interviews with selected candidates at your own convenience, by using platforms or tools you already use (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Remo). Our talent team can help if your require support in organizing interviews or networking with candidates.

Any other questions? Please reach out to our talent team!

Upcoming Missions

Upcoming Missions & Campaigns

  • Paris & Rabat

    November - December, 2023

  • Hong Kong

    March, 2024

Past Missions

Past Missions

  • Los Angeles

    20th September, 2023

  • Munich & Vienna

    Jun 17 - 21, 2023

  • Paris & Rabat

    November, 2022

  • Hong Kong

    January - June, 2022

  • London & Birmingham

    March 5, 12, 2022

  • Manitoba & Canada

    Fall 2020 - Winter 2021

  • Virtual Mission

    May 21-25, 2020

  • Buenos Aires

    October 18-21, 2019


"The efficiency of the YES! Winnipeg team during the Spring 2020 mission was beyond our expectations. They made commendable efforts to accommodate the restrictions imposed by COVID and facilitate interactions with global talent. During the virtual event, we reached highly skilled members of the international tech community that would not have been attainable otherwise. At CEMWorks we enjoy the continuous support that the YES! Winnipeg team provides us with to attract new professionals to our company."
- CEMWorks Inc.

"Attending the Recruitment Mission with EDW and Immigration Canada turned out to be a great success as we were able to find solid Senior Tech Talent for our organization. Not only did the support of having these partners help us achieve our goals, they provided a strong sense of legitimacy for this event making candidates feel welcome throughout the weekend and the immigration process to follow."
- Farmers Edge

"YES! Winnipeg was instrumental in making this Recruitment mission a success. Because of their involvement Online was able to meet and assess so many amazing candidates, and build valuable partnerships with organizations and people that will be critical in the hiring of highly skilled Technical talent into our Winnipeg workforce."
- Online Business Systems

"The recruitment mission to Argentina, organized by YES! Winnipeg, turned out to be very successful for us. YES! Winnipeg, went above and beyond with helping us find the right tech candidates, organize and promote the venue and the event, and to help with any logistics that were involved. We were pleased with the talent that we’ve met in Argentina, and have made more job offers than anticipated prior to the start of the mission. We will definitely consider participating in any future tech hiring events with YES! Winnipeg!"
- ESL Library

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